More than one perspective

NEWZ is a new beginning for news in NEWZealand

Launching in


Awesome Benefits

Imagine a news channel that is inclusive, balanced and accurate

How NEWZ Will Work

We are going to reinvent the way news is gathered, analyzed and reported. We are open to your input and innovation.

#1 Gather

How might we better gather more than one perspective in ways that are inclusive, accurate and equitable for all?

#2 Analyse

How might we better discover and tell the story within the story, revealing insights, challenging engagement and action?

#3 Report

How might we report and deliver NEWZ for all New Zealanders in ways that are accessible for all and recognise contribution and creative careers?

Why Choose Us?

You want a newspaper not newpropaganda


Quality over quantity. Every minute is precious and we won't waste yours with cruft.


We are open to the ideas of others and will use modern technology to deliver better news experiences, products and services.

It is time to reinvent

Our news channels are ripe for reinvention. We want to co-create NEWZ with you and be the channel that listens, learns and grows with our members.

More than one perspective.

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